Galaxy Stars Mini Backpack Cloudy Ivory

Galaxy Stars Mini Backpack Cloudy Ivory

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The Galaxy Stars Mini Backpack is an adorable mini tavel backpack that is perfect for daily use or convenient travel. Perfectly fits everything: your wallets, valuables, and the largest iphone.

The piece is invented with matte vegan leather & painted with floral intricate design. The iconic Brangio Italy triple crystal, engraved leather is juxtaposed with elegant floral drawings within, painted with colored enamel and encrusted with sparkling stones at the eyes.

Gold-toned hardware

Contrasting metallic leather trim juxtaposing matte floral linen canvas

Custom gradient leather for handle & trim

100% Vegan Leather

3 Pockets: 2 exterior pockets & 1 interior security pocket

Top-Zip Fastening

Fully lined logo & cotton interior

4 gold bottom studs to protect leather and stand upright

Matching Wallet

Matching Luggage

W-9  H-10.75"  Side-8.5"